Garage Door Springs

Make no mistake about it — Garage Door Springs are not a DIY project. We at McKinney Garage Door Solutions always tell our customers to never underestimate the value of their springs. They carry the weight of the entire garage door and one wrong move in replacing, repairing, or installing them could mean serious injuries.

You can count on us to be 100% reliable and professional in all services related to garage door springs in the McKinney, TX area i.e. Melissa, Anna, Princeton, Prosper, Frisco, or Allen.

Our Garage Door Spring Services

Garage Door Spring Repair – Did you recently hear a loud bang while opening or closing your garage door? Are you continuously trying to open the door but it just won’t budge? These are common signs of a broken spring. We understand that you need swift and effective repairs as soon as possible, so our lines are always open for emergencies like this.

Garage Door Spring Replacement – Call us anytime for immediate spring replacement services, regardless of where your home or business is in McKinney, Texas. We are always ready to provide heavy duty springs that will match or surpass the quality of your current one. Finding the right spring can be difficult, so we urge you to call us and let our professionals conduct a thorough inspection first.

The main types of springs include:

Torsion Springs – These are found on top and carry the actual weight of the garage door. It is important to never attempt to replace these springs by yourself because of the heavy weight they lift.

Extension Springs – These are generally used for smaller garage doors in supporting the opener and the track. We have extension springs for sectional and one-piece garage doors.

Why McKinney Garage Doors?

We at McKinney Garage Door Solutions understand the hassle of a broken garage door spring. They can break any time and sometimes at the most inopportune moments. You can depend on us to always be here to heed your call and assist you right away, providing effective and affordable solution and never stop-gap garage door service.

Call us today to schedule a FREE INSPECTION and we’d be happy to assist you immediately for your Garage Door Spring needs. Thank you and have a nice day!

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