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Garage Door Tune Up

We at McKinney Garage Door Solutions always tell our customers in McKinney, TX to never neglect the health of their garage door. An average door opens and closes more than a thousand times per year, and combined with weather and temperature, it is prone to damage. Protect not only your garage door, but also secure the safety of your family through a regular and quality Garage Door Tune Up plan.

Rest assured that with every inspection and tune up we make, our team will notify you before we make a replacement or conduct repairs. We also make sure that the products and brands we use are only of high quality and you will never be short-changed for anything less.

McKinney Garage Door Solutions

Garage Doors Maintenance Plan – We offer a very customizable, consistent, and sustainable maintenance and inspection plan for commercial and residential garage doors alike. From tightening of screws and bolts, checking the conditions of rails and all hardware, to providing of reports and recommendations, let’s make sure that your garage door has a regular tune up plan.

Garage Door Opener and Operator – Our comprehensive operator and opener inspection includes making sure that all remotes and transmitters are properly set, wall button functions accurately, and the opener rails and brackets are fully working, to name a few.

Garage Door Springs – Your garage’s springs, cables, brackets, pulleys, and other door hardware are under high tension. Have professionals check them for signs of wear and tear or breakage. If you hear loud noises or sense an irregularity, we strongly urge you not to attempt to adjust or fix them on your own.

Garage Door Rollers – This includes a thorough inspection of slats, endlocks, fasteners, locks, sprockets and shaft collars, all weather-stripping, and more. We offer various maintenance plans for rolling doors and rolling fire doors for commercial establishments.

Garage Door Lubrication – Make sure that all your chains, screw, hinges, springs, rollers, bearings, and openers are properly lubricated. Many people opt for at least an annual check and lubrication, but if your environment is exposed to drastic changes in temperature and weather, we urge you to have seasonal tune ups.

Garage Door Balance – A well-aligned door guarantees smooth operations, minimal noise, longer life of your opener, and better structural integrity.

Garage Door Sensor Alignment – Keep your doors responsive when opening and closing by making sure that the anchors and photo eyes are aligned and not blocked by debris or dust.

Why McKinney Garage Doors?

We at McKinney Garage Door Solutions will always place safety first. You can count on us to inspect your garage door as if it was our own. Our Garage Door Services means having local, highly-skilled professionals making sure that your garage door will be working properly for months up to a year.

Call us today to schedule a FREE INSPECTION and we’d be happy to assist you right away. Thank you and have a nice day!

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