Garage Door Repair

Fixing a garage door is not a DIY project. It is important to leave broken doors and springs to the professionals. With McKinney Garage Door Solutions, you will be leaving your garage door to a trusted local name in the McKinney, Texas area. We provide Garage Door Repair for both residential and commercial establishments using only quality materials and brands and a dedicated team for the job.

Our Garage Door Repair Services

Opener Repair – We are ready to conduct the simplest to the most complex opener repairs including adjustments, lubrication, realigning and lifting the mechanism, replacing gears and worn out sockets, and more.

Broken Spring Repair – Whether it’s Overhead Garage Door Springs or Torsion Springs, we always tell our customers to always have professionals do the repairs. This is because springs are mainly for balancing and carrying the weight of the garage door. Lack of knowledge in handling it could lead to injuries.

 Cable Repair & Replacement – Is your door no longer opening? Your steel cable could have worn out or rusted.

Roller Repair & Replacement – Rollers work hand in hand with springs, cables and hinges to make sure your garage door opens and closes smoothly. It is important to have the guide wheel properly aligned and kept. We can also upgrade nylon rollers to different materials for quieter movement.

Hinge Repair & Replacement – It is important to have your hinges replaced, oiled, or repaired right away to prevent further damages i.e. broken panel and opener.

Weather Seal Replacement – Do not neglect the importance of your weather stripping or seal. It is important in keeping the temperature regulated as well as lower energy bills. Once in a while your weather strip needs to be replaced after being exposed to harsh sunlight, storms, and rain.

Remote Control Repair & Replacement – We have technicians ready to check and program your remote to match your current garage door opener. We can also help you look for a replacement.

Off-Track Repair – This includes checking for bent, misaligned, and rusted tracks. It is important to find the source or cause of the off-track other than providing quick solutions.

Sensors Recalibration – Safety sensors could save you and/or your car from potential injuries/damages. Call us any time to check for misalignment, dirty/foggy sensors, blockages, and other problems concerning sensors.

Strut Support – This is often used for large, commercial, or double car garage doors. A strut prevents panel sagging and helps in balancing the weight to prevent further damages.

If the type of repair you’re looking for was not mentioned below, kindly call us today so we can personally inspect your garage door and assist you.

Why McKinney Garage Door Solutions?

The good thing about hiring a local garage door company is that there is accountability and they are generally easier to reach. The great thing about hiring McKinney Garage Door Solutions is that we are here to serve you 24/7, literally anytime and anywhere in the McKinney, TX area i.e. Melissa, Anna, Princeton, Prosper, Frisco, or Allen. Rest assured that our garage door services are not just stop-gap solutions. They are effective, sustainable, and affordable.

Call us today to schedule a FREE INSPECTION and we’d be happy to assist you right away. Thank you and have a nice day!

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